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At Hollister Women's Health, Dr. Ralph Armstrong and his staff specialize in the diagnosis of many conditions associated with women's health, including PCOS. The facility provides services to patients who live near the Hollister, California community.


What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary disease is a condition that affects women's reproductive symptoms. It is caused by an imbalance of hormones and can lead to serious health conditions if left untreated. During PCOS, numerous small cysts develop on the surface of the ovaries. Although they are not painful, they can lead to various disruptions in the way a woman's body functions. PCOS can lead to weight gain, abnormal periods, sexual dysfunction, irritability, and many other symptoms that can have an impact on the woman's quality of life. Heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health conditions are possible if the woman's hormonal imbalances are not brought under control.

How is it Treated?

When it comes to PCOS, healthy lifestyle habits are the most common recommendations for treatment. It is important to maintain an ideal body weight if hormone balance is to be regulated accurately. Eating healthy foods that support the reproductive system and its functions is also important. Exercise helps to maintain proper metabolism and will work to keep hormone levels in line. It is extremely important to avoid any activities that can disrupt how the body functions. Smoking and consuming large quantities of alcohol can throw off a woman's hormone balance and cause conditions like PCOS to worsen over time. Especially if a woman is nearing menopause.

Can PCOS be Prevented?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS cannot be prevented. The main way to prevent the condition from worsening is early diagnosis and immediate treatment. By diagnosing the condition in its earliest stages, doctors may be able to correct the hormone imbalance and prevent damage to the ovaries. If the condition can be corrected before the cysts begin to form on the ovaries, there will be less risk of hormonal disruption. It is also essential that a woman embrace healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining an ideal weight. Working hand in hand with the doctor will help a woman to maintain a healthy balance when it comes to her reproductive hormones.


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